Whats Going On

Dream Stuff

Slave Trade of southerners
Sacrifice of sea elf
Invasion of coastal town
Mysterious figures in secret location
Orc killing Ogre leader (led us to Orc battle)
Orc negotiating with a Dragon to invade the countries to the west


Seldiny invaded Neuswald
Orvia in civil war

Spy Missions

Symbol Sideways crescent moon over a triangle in a circle symbol
Symbol was found on letters on the smuggler ship and blackmail letters that Franco had
Blackmail of Stefano
John Franco, merchant, was part of the blackmail, but we lost track of him. Was last headed towards the mines to buy gems.
Captain Benito of Kuhn & Parlo enlisted our help to spy on Franco
We left a message for him while gatering recruits for the big Orc battle

Whats Going On

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