Typhoon Dreams

A strange sort of deer

The PCs meet the Marquessa Vittoria di Carregio at the monastery Clanlinnoch. Informed about the orcish threat and Rizzo inaction, she asks the PCs to dispose him and to defend the Barony. She appoints Vito the new Baron and the PCs defenders of Ferrara. The PCs swear allegiance to the Marquessa.

Returning to Ferrara the PCs encounter an antelope. Balazar freezes it and takes a bite, whereupon the PCs are attacked by a treelike humanoid. They defeat him but find he is trying to defeat the orcs. The Wilden Brom joins the party and Balazar has a vision. Balazar leaves the party to go in search of an antelope god in the deserts far to the east.

Out of Game notes
Carlos decides to be more than just a guest player and joins the campaign, thus Balazar (Carlos) leaves and Brom (Carlos) joins.


dreamdrake dreamdrake

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