Typhoon Dreams

Gianfranco's Wagon

Game Notes
PCs meet Ser Christobal, Cavalier Marquis di Bahamut and a man from the mountains Oliver Fallcrest.
The party hired some shady
figures to help break into Gianfranco’s wagon, where they discovered
letters with a distinctive seal and instructions to blackmail one
Stefano di Bagnone. They then hired the wizard who’s apprentice had
summoned the demons, to solve the puzzle retrieved from the smugglers
ship. The puzzle contained a letter sporting the same distinctive
seal with some obscure instructions.
The next day the party headed into the mountains, accompanying
Gianfranco who is bringing supplies to the mines and hoping to buy
gemstones, and a man bringing supplies and a healer deep into the
mountains, Oliver Fallcrest. They stopped at a homestead then at the
outpost of the Chevaliers di Bahamut that guards the pass over the
From there they left Gianfranco behind and accompanied Oliver
FallCrest south into wilder terrain. En route a small party of
kobolds attacked the group’s camp in the middle of the night. The
kobolds were easily defeated, but one got away. Oliver explained that
the purpose of the trip is not just to bring supplies but to bring the
healer to wife his wife, a druid who has fallen ill. A day later a
larger group of kobolds laid an ambush at a narrow section of the
trail. A ferocious battle ensued from which a single kobold escaped.

Out of Game notes
PCS make 4th level.


dreamdrake dreamdrake

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